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Test sul livello di conoscenza della lingua.

Valuta le tue conoscenze!

Il nostro test gratuito ti permetterà di trovare il giusto livello per te.

    Dati anagrafici

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    Cognome (richiesto)

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    (Per ogni domanda una sola è corretta)


    1. I am from Italy. I am...

    2. She...twenty-five years old.

    3. Where is Tom? the garden.

    4. France? Yes, I do.

    5. He...the guitar.


    6. tea.

    7. Mary is in the kitchen.
    I know, but...?

    8. Is that coke you are drinking?
    Yes, juice

    9. Whose umbrella is this?
    It is...

    10. London is...exciting town.


    11. Do you like...?

    12. She goes to work...

    13.... ask a simple question?
    Yes, of course.

    14. What is Robert like? He...


    15. He wants to be a chef. He ... work in a restaurant.

    16. ...the beach? No, I think I'll stay here.

    17. Have you known Robert for long? Yes, I have...3 years now.

    18. Whatever happened to Anne? She...a man she met on holiday.

    19. She is ... your visit next week.


    20. He didn't stop running until he...home.

    21. Have those letters been sent yet? Yes, ...two days ago.

    22. I wish that. It's extremely annoying.

    23. Paula's washing machine doesn't work. She must ...

    24. Would he help me if I ... ? Yes, I think so


    25. He didn't come to school yesterday. He...ill.

    26. Did you enjoy your holiday in Greece? No, I wish...

    27. I hope we will be able to avoid...anyone.

    28. A a breeze and casts shadows.

    29. The Social Democratic and Liberal Alliance did well in the 1984 elections, but this victory was just a...

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